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Mountain Bike Training Program


How It Began

What It's All About

MTB FIT training programs were created from a love for mountain biking and its community. As a personal trainer, I have coached numerous clients looking to get that extra edge for a race or competition. As for myself, I used to be a trail runner, which calls for its own training regimen. Before I began mountain biking (besides managing the shifters), I figured this biking thing wouldn't be a big deal, right? I was fit. I Ran, did resistance training, and did yoga. Man, was I wrong. It kicked my butt! I started riding regularly and changed my training regimen to complement mountain biking. Coaching clients and Mountain Biking are my two passions.  

If you follow this program the way it is structured YOU will be a stronger, faster, and better rider by the end of the 8 weeks! Be Fit, BE MTB FIT!

During this program you will learn how integrating a training plan specific to mountain biking will provide the stimulus needed to meet the physical demands of mountain biking. Technical terrain and varied trails call for strong aerobic fitness, sharp bursts of power, and fluctuating intensities.

Each week has a main focus. First, we begin with foundational movements. Building a strong base improves body stability and control. It enables us to perform more complex exercises while preventing injuries as we increase exercise intensity. 

What You Get

Both gym and home programs are included. All you will need for the home program is a mat, a set of resistance bands, and loop exercise bands. The Gym program uses standard equipment you find in a gym setting. Work out at home and the gym? Do you travel and can't always make it to the gym? The home and gym workouts are interchangeable which means flexibility. Wherever you are working out progression is maintained. You can also find some full-length workout videos with music to follow along with! 

Your own App works on all devices to access training programs, record workouts, make notes, create a schedule, and track progress and progressions. 

What to Expect

Results! Welcome to your off-the-bike training program! Expect to get stronger, and improve mobility, body control, and focus. 


Once you download the app on IOS or Android you will have full access to the home & gym programs. Everything you need is in the app including educational content relevant to mountain biking. Look around and get familiar with the layout. Time to get started!


As you start your program you might have questions. You will have help along the way. There is two-way messaging in the app where you can contact me. 

Risk Free

I stand by my programs and the results obtained when followed consistently. However, if you are unsatisfied, you can receive a refund within 15 days of purchase. 

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