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Babes Edition:8-Week
Mountain Bike Training Program

Welcome to MTBFitPro: Your Path to Mountain Biking Greatness


Hey there, Babes!

I'm Deborah, and I'm thrilled to invite you to my upcoming 8-Week Womens MTB Fitness Program. This program is more than just a series of exercises; it's a journey tailored for women like us who are eager to push their limits and take their fitness to exciting new levels.

If you've been searching for a program that truly challenges you and develops your strength and endurance – particularly for our shared passion for mountain biking – you're in the right place! Over the next eight weeks, we'll embark on dynamic workouts that focus on strength, endurance, and agility. Each session is designed to progressively push your boundaries, ensuring we all experience real improvements in our fitness.

One of the highlights of this program is our weekly group check-in. It's an opportunity for us to track our progress, but more importantly, it's a time to connect, share our journeys, and grow together. The support and camaraderie in our community are unmatched, and these check-ins are a perfect way to deepen those connections.

This program is for those who are as committed to their fitness as they are to mountain biking. Whether your goal is to enhance your physical condition for better rides or to challenge yourself in new ways, this program is tailored for you.

Join me on this 8-week adventure and let's showcase our strength and determination. I'm excited to kickstart this journey with you and witness the incredible progress we'll achieve together.!

I have few package options allowing you more flexibility in what you feel works best for you. the program how it is if looking for a bit more specific tailoring to you add a individual live training session with me, interested in learning how to fuel for your ride or just feel better overall sign up for a nutritional assessment with me. And what's even more exciting is the  MTB Experience and I have teamed up to bring those who want to get on the bike learning how to transfer our work together to the bike we have an amazing opportunity to get skills coaching from the best ladies and certified coaches in the area. which we will be working complimentary together to knowing what we have been doing to tailor your experience special for you to the on the bike skill improvement!

  Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Standard Program: This is the core of our journey, filled with dynamic workouts, community support, and all the features previously mentioned. Perfect for those who are ready to challenge themselves and elevate their fitness for mountain biking.

  • + Individual Live Training Session: Looking for a bit more customization? Add a one-on-one live training session with me! This is a fantastic opportunity to get personalized guidance, fine-tune your form, and focus on specific areas of your fitness and biking skills. In person or Virtual sessions apply.

  • + Nutritional Assessment: Want to fuel your rides effectively or enhance your overall well-being? Opt for a nutritional assessment with me. We'll dive into your dietary habits and craft a nutrition plan that complements your training and lifestyle, optimizing your performance both on and off the bike.

  • + 4 Hour Skills Clinic with MTB Experience Certified Coaches: This is for those ready to take mountain biking to the next level. In collaboration with MTB Experience and their certified coaches, we're offering a 4-hour skills session led by some of the best women in the area. This unique option allows you to apply what we've been working on in our fitness program directly to your biking. You'll get tailored advice and hands-on experience to improve your biking skills significantly. Check them out here: MTB Experience

 Why Choose These Add-Ons?

  • They're tailored to your individual needs and goals.

  • You get dedicated time with me, ensuring you get the most out of the program.

  • They offer an integrative approach, combining fitness, nutrition, and practical biking skills.

 Ready to Upgrade Your Experience?

      Choose the package that resonates with your goals, and let's make your mountain biking journey even more exciting and rewarding. Remember, each option complements our core program, ensuring you get a well-rounded and effective training experience.

When you sign up for the MTB Fitness Program, you'll get everything you need to improve your mountain biking and fitness. You'll have access to all our content, and you can reach out to me anytime through the app's two-way messaging feature. It's a great way to get support and answers to your questions as you go. Once you join, take a bit of time to get familiar with the app. It's easy to use and full of useful info. And keep an eye on your inbox because I'll be sending over everything you need to know to ensure you're ready to start with us on February 5th. So, are you in? Sign up, and let's get this journey started!

Let's gear up for an incredible 8 weeks together! Choose your package, and let's hit the trails confidently and steadily.



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