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This is the place to take your riding to the next level. Where we take a hybrid approach to fitness. With 22 years of personal training experience and a decade of MTB riding came together to create MTB FIT!


The mountain bike training plans were created to fit the needs of a seasoned rider to a newer rider. Transforming the components of body control, endurance, power, and reaction skills to become the rider you want to be and have more fun on the bike. 


For anyone looking to improve their MTB fitness. During this 8-Week Training Program, riders will gain off-the-bike fitness and skills that are transferrable to the bike needed to improve speed, body control, endurance, and focus.


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MTB training programs

Progressive Fitness Programs for all levels and phases.  

Strengthen your core to improve performance,

reduce the risk of injuries, recover faster, reduce fatigue, and correct posture and muscle imbalances. 

Learn full-body movement patterns to build endurance, power, and strength.

Naturally, burn the maximal amount of calories by following done-for-you programs that progress with you. Join our program today to unlock your potential and become a better mountain biker.

Live, Perform, Fuel, and Train Well.

 Specializing In Your Mountain Biking Fitnessโ€‹

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