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Active Agers Lifestyle

Much of my success as a personal trainer has come from the experience I've gained training the older population. 

Functional exercises have been the greatest benefit to my actively aging clients. 

It is important to understand how age affects the body as we get older. As young adults lean muscle mass generally contributes up to about 50% of total body weight. This decreases with age to about 25% of total bodyweight by the time we reach 70. With the loss of muscle comes a loss of stability, mobility, strength, and endurance, which maintains the desired lifestyle and independence we all strive for. Strength-based exercises improve health and increase the strength of the immune system. 

Functional exercises are movements that help you in everyday life. Think cross-body and full-body motions, bending or picking something up off the floor. The goal is to build a body capable of real-life activities. It helps make daily tasks easier to perform. 

My clients in this population don't want to spend hours a day working out to get the "perfect body", each of their programs are targeted to get them independent or keep them independent and to go out and live their lives golfing, playing with grandkids or anything else they desire. Some days I wouldn't be able to keep up with them!!


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