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Are you ready for Summer?!

Join this 8 week challenge and kick off summer feeling good! 

We will be training 5 days a week getting great results without wasting time. Our challenge incorporates core, strength, and endurance based activities to keep your mind and body engaged. Each weeks program will be more challenging than the last to keep you excited and to keep pushing you towards your goals!

This summer challenge costs $1 when you purchase an annual membership to the FitPro app. Within the app you will find a large collection of programs, workouts, meal plans, recipes, extensive exercise library with videos and instructions, 1:1 support and continual engagement with me. Plus so much more! If you prefer to choose just the challenge the cost is $30. Either way you can always sign up for the membership at a later time. There are monthly and annual options to choose from.

     When creating this challenge I took lifestyle into account. We all have busy lives and are not always able to fit gym workouts in. The gym & home programs coincide with each other so no worries. You can keep on track which ever you choose! 

You will need some simple tools for home workouts. A set of resistance bands, mini bands, mat and a stability ball. That's It!! 


Sign up now and get the 8 week recipe book today!

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