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Perform for your Physiology


Women have always been looked at as small men when it comes to training, nutrition, and performance recovery. This has been a challenge for female athletes and those who are wanting to look and feel their best. This paradigm shift is gaining momentum and awareness. That excites me. Our physiology should not be looked at as something to fix. Instead, something to optimize. 

Yes, our hormones do fluctuate during the month, we have the ability to work with them instead of against them. 

Different stages of our cycle affect the way we burn energy and what we burn for fuel. It also affects what we need to recover effectively for our next exercise session. 

No matter what your health and fitness goals are, as women we have different needs when it comes to exercise and nutrition than our counterparts.  

We are strong, beautiful, and capable. My goal is to build a community that empowers women. To educate, guide, and support you towards the finish line!



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